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    Cat/Cur 7 weeks have 2- $50 each also have 6weeks ybmc/cat one looks just like the mom full ybmc and the other is a
    black an tan both parents trial and catch $100 each 813-995-5384 Plant City FL    (Posted July 2014)


    1/2 Bulldog, 3/8 Catahoula; 1/8 Plott Pups
    ***For Sale***Selling 7 puppies. $50.00 ea. or best offer. Well worth the money. 6 females and 1 male. Almost 3mo old now.  
    Bulldog, 3/8 Catahoula, and 1/8 plott. Both parents are excellent hog dogs. The dad is gritty and will bay the hair off a hog. He has
    trailed over a mile and had a rally of 6 big hogs bayed by himself when we got to him. He Has found me quite a few hogs.
    Awesome dog. The mom was a running catch dog when she was 6 months old. She found her own hog when she was a little
    over 11 months old. Now she is strictly catch dog. You don't want to miss out on these pups. Pups will be excellent dogs with
    good noses, able to stop a runner, and well tempered. I work down in South Texas if interested can meet. Need them gone
    ASAP. Call Bradley Snow- or text 580-579-4467 or 580-579-4434.   (Posted July 2014)


    2- 13 month old male litter mates. 3/4 cat 1/4 pit. Both have seen a hand full of hogs and are keeping up with grown
    dogs on first few races to the bay on each hunt. As of now they bay tight and are not catchy. $200 each. Central
    West AL (334) 341-1100  (Posted July 2014)


    Free 6 week old puppies. Sire is a 5 yr old finished and proven catahoula, dam is just under 2 yr old 1/2 BMC 1/2 blue tick hound
    that is not finished but loves a hog and was doing good before the puppies. Both parents are large slender frame build. Central
    west AL (334) 341-1100   (Posted July 2014)

    Half blue tick/half Florida cur, four puppies seven weeks old. Blue tick is a female that is cold nose, open mouth and
    medium range. The male Florida cur is medium range and silent. Eight five-week old half blue tick/half pit bulldog. Female
    blue tick is open mouth, very fast and medium range. Male pit bulldog was a catch dog. Free to good home. Phone 601-
    764-7805. No calls after 9 p.m. Central standard time.   (Posted July 2014)

       Catahoula/hounds(plott, walker, black and tan)
    PUPS FOR SALE---Our NALC female and our mix (houla and hounds) male had pups.  She had 9 pups 6 males 3 females (one
    male has been sold). 2 of the females have houla markings, 1 female has a brindle coat like our male dog, 2 males are black, 1
    male is a chocolate color, and 2 males have a brindle coat.  They were brin on June 22 and are already eating 3 servings of soggy
    food. Their father, Bayou has shown an interest in birds we have in the house.  One time we had 6 rabbits and we couldn't get
    them all so we brought out Attie and Bayou and they bayed the rabbits.  I have no doubt these pups will be great hunting dogs
    with the right hunter! Please contact me via email at jaclyn.2010@ or by cell at 817-676-4441. Only serious takers
    please. There will be a non refundable deposit.  (Posted July 2014)